New employees

Due COVID-19 Hiring Process Changes, New Employee Orientation and Checklist and Will Be Emailed

Welcome to Associated Students! Our goal is to give you the necessary skills and opportunities that will allow you to effectively serve our campus community and beyond. We hope that throughout your time here we will be able to provide you with enough support and guidance to facilitate your growth as both an employee and student.

A.S. Staff

New employee checklist

Congratulations on your new position! Few more steps prior to your first day:

Before you can begin working you must do the following

You must fill out New Employee Payroll Orientation Sign-up ’20-’21 and UCSB AS Student Staff – Personnel Information ’20-’21

After New Hire Confirmation Email Received:

1. Once the Google Forms “UCSB AS Student Staff – Personnel Information ‘20 – ‘21” and “New Employee Payroll Orientation Sign-up ‘20-’21” are completed you will receive a confirmation email from Lili and Katherine within 24-48 hours.

2. Hire information will be entered into UCPath (UC’s Payroll System). UCPath Center hire approvals will take 7-10 days.

3. On your first day of employment :

a) If you have never worked on Campus you must complete your Employment Verification: USCIS regulations state that Section 1 of the I-9 is required by the employees first day of work. Their Section 2 documentation ID is required no later than their third day of work.

b) Employment Verification I-9 Section 1: You will receive an email from: <> to your UCSB email account from I-9 Tracker to fill out section 1 of the I-9.

c) Employment Verification I-9 section 2:You must bring in your original valid identification. Please see the list of acceptable documents LISTS OF ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS All documents must be UNEXPIRED. The employee will present the original documents in person to a remote verifier for Section 2 of the I-9.

Must complete and follow directions ASAP

If you live near the UCSB campus community you will be required to complete Section you’re your I-9 in person by an A.S. Staff member. ONLY IF YOU LIVE AROUND THE UCSB COMMUNITY PLEASE FILL OUT THIS LINK:

If you do not live near the UCSB campus community you will need to have a non-family member verify your documents in person and upload them to our secure portal. ONLY IF YOU DO NOT LIVE AROUND UCSB COMMUNITY PLEASE FILL OUT THIS LINK: UCSB A.S. New Student Staff Remote Employment Verification I-9 Section 2_ Does Not Live Around UCSB Community

Who can be a verifier?

  • The person must be 18 years of age or older. For example: a roommate, trusted friend, trusted co-worker or supervisor, clergy member, or trusted neighbor.
  • The person cannot be related to you by blood or marriage
  • The person should be someone you trust to see your identification documents
  • They need to be able to take a photo of your document and upload it onto the secure portal.
  • The person must be able to understand what documents are acceptable for I-9 verification. This is posted on the BFS website and pictures are shown within Tracker (documents must be the original, unexpired document. No copies, scans or faxes allowed).
  • The person must have a valid email address. BFS sends them a secure one-time link for the employee’s verification.
  • The person must have secure internet access and be able to take a photo of the documents to upload onto the Tracker profile. If using a tablet or smartphone, the picture can be taken within the Tracker app where it does not save the picture to the person’s device.

Have your verifier upload the documents into the secure portal within three business days of the date of hire (the hire date means the first day of work for pay).  

Please note that documents provided to the verifier should be the same as the documents used in completing the Section 1 of the I-9 Tracker process.  

d) Complete State Oath of Allegiance.

  • Students will receive the State Oath of Allegiance form via DocuSign prior to or no later than your first day of employment. (Keep the hyperlink “Where and how do I sign in to DocuSign? | DocuSign – UC Santa Barbara
  • Complete State Oath of Allegiance Google Form. UCSB A.S. Student Staff State Oath of Allegiance_’20-’21
  • Oath Process: The Oath must be completed on or before the employee’s first day of work (US Citizens only).  You will need to schedule a time you are available. This process will only take 15 minutes. Associated Students staff member, Katherine Kosearas will confirm your availability and send a calendar invite with the Zoom link.
    IMPORTANT: This must be complete no later than Your start date.
  • As soon as UCPath has completed your hire transaction you will receive an email to set up a Zoom meeting to complete the Oath of Allegiance.

IMPORTANT: This must be complete no later than Your start date.

  • As soon as UCPath has completed your hire transaction you will receive an email to set up a Zoom meeting to complete the Oath of Allegiance.

IMPORTANT: Once normal operations resume, BFS will contact those who completed their I-9 verification via Zoom to schedule a time to come in with their original documents for reverification. This must be completed.

Once you have access to UCPath you will need to complete the following:

4. Set up a direct deposit on UCPath –> Payroll
5. Update your Federal Withholding form (W-4)
6. Complete Patent Acknowledgement UCPath Task: Review Patent Acknowledgement and Amendment. The student will need to complete Patent Acknowledgement. New student hires MUST fill out this form.

Payroll Presentation pdf

Work Study Information: Federal Work-Study Program – UCSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Questions? Ask your supervisor, Lili Hartounian and Katherine Kosearas

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