AS Services

AS offers an array of services to support students through their academic career at UCSB.  We would like to encourage you to explore these great resources and utilize them during your time here.  Below are the AS Services.

AS Bike Shop

Serving the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of UCSB since 1974, the Associated Students Bike Shop is a student-funded non-profit organization dedicated to education, service, and safety. We have everything needed to get your bike running safely and smoothly.

AS Book Bank

Provides free books and readers for students to check out in order to help reduce book costs.

AS Community Financial Fund

Passed in the 2010-2011 school year, a $2.10 lock-in student fee was created toward assisting students by providing more access to grants and helping supplement the current Associated Students emergency loans. This Fund shall establish a credit builder program, regular financial literacy workshops, and help students learn financial resources and services available on the UCSB campus and within Santa Barbara County.

AS Food Bank

The AS Food Bank is open to registered Undergraduate and Graduate Students at UCSB in need of food and toiletries. 

AS Legal Resource Center

At the UCSB Associated Students Legal Resource Center we are committed to advising students of all available legal options, and helping them find and achieve practical resolutions.

Public Safety Commission

The UCSB AS Public Safety Commission will work to increase the level of safety throughout Isla Vista and the UCSB campus. The commission will focus on all safety issues concerning the student body as well as increasing student relations and communications with Isla Vista Foot Patrol, California Highway Patrol, UC Police Department, and the Office of Student Life in a positive manner.

AS Media Center

The Media Center is a fully student funded creative space equipped to help you with everything from creating a simple flyer for an event to producing a video documentary about something that you’re passionate about.

The Media Center has tools for your creative process, including computers, still and video cameras, and a space to view your finished work. Equipment can be checked out and the center’s computers come equipped with the software you need to edit both image based and audio projects.

AS Publications

The AS Publications Service is a full service copy shop available to UCSB student groups, faculty, and staff.

AS Recycling

Associated Students Recycling and Department of Public Worms! We are two closely allied student organizations here at UCSB that play an active role in campus waste management. They are here to teach students about how they can reduce what they send to the landfill.

AS Tenants Union

The Isla Vista Tenants Union believes all tenants should be treated with respect and fairness.
We envision an educated, proactive, and united tenant group, and we also hope for a community supportive of its residents.

AS Ticket Office

Visit the Associated Students Cashiers office for discounted tickets to the local movie theaters, amusement parks, and other on campus events.

Emergency Loan 

Students in need of emergency funds may request a short-term loan through the Associated Students Cashiers and Ticket Office.