Expectations and Responsibilities

As an A.S. student staff, you are expected to perform your job with the utmost professionalism. Here are some expectations across the Association*

Absences and Tardiness: You are expected to be reliable and punctual in reporting for scheduling work. You must contact your supervisor for any absence or tardiness.

Use of personal phone: Personal calls must be kept to an absolute minimum and incoming personal calls should be limited to extreme necessity. It is NOT acceptable to ignore customers while making/taking a personal call.

Consumption of Alcohol: Consumption of Alcohol or any drugs that impair your judgment while performing a job-related duties are grounds for termination.

Change of Address or Phone Number: Inform your supervisor immediately of any change in address, email, or contact phone number. It is your responsibility to update UC Path. Important legal documents may be sent to your home address on file, don’t miss them!

Recording Hours Worked: You are responsible for entering any hours you worked on UCSB Timekeeping (Kronos). You must approve your timecard every two weeks to receive your paycheck/direct deposit.

Responsible employee

If a student discloses an incident of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or other prohibited behavior to you WHILE YOU ARE IN YOUR CAPACITY AS A UCSB EMPLOYEE, you must notify the TIX/SHPC. If you cannot determine if the disclosure happened under your role as student staff, please contact the TIX/SHPC:  (805) 893-2701, Title IX/Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office

Access & Security

  • Finger Printing & Background Check- As a New Hire Student Staff of the AS Food Bank or AS Ticket Office you will be asked to undergo a background check.
  • You Will receive an email from universal background screening to your UCSB email. This must be completed 24 hours upon receiving email.
  • Electronic Key Access- You will be asked to get your Access card keyed to access some of the AS offices. You will need to fill out a form with your supervisor and bring it to Lili Hartounian (AS Admin, 2537B). Due to covid 19 on campus restrictions for key access please speak to your supervisor.